Is Wpit.18 Legal And Safe to Use?


The primary registration site for WPC tournaments in the Philippines is wpit18. where participants can register and arrange their rooster battle. The full name of the World Pitmasters Cup is WPC.

All you are aware of are a few guidelines that support every successful event. So there are several rules and regulations that WPC and Wpit18 have in place to ensure the success of every tournament.


 You must be aware of these guidelines before taking part.


  • You must sign up for WPC on Wpit18 live.

  • WPC will choose a precise day for the cockfight.

  • On the day of the tournament, WPC live streamed it on the rooster fight is so well-known in the Philippines, live broadcasting is being used to solicit public reaction.

  • The players arrived with their cocks on the day of the event, and they engaged in combat in the ring.

  • The winner will be declared by the referee, who will also provide prizes.

  • After reading these WPC-related data, I have no doubt that Wpit18 is in charge of ensuring the security and success of this event. Process for Login and Registration


Registration for Wpit18 login is not difficult; in fact, it is really simple. To register for Wpit18, The requirements stated below must be followed in order to register for Wpit18.


  • On "live," you will be routed to

  • After providing your username and password, select "Sign in to your account."

  • Contact the Wpit18 team if you want to create a new account.

  • Simply select "Contact Us" from the menu.

  • After choosing Contact us, you now see their "Viber & WhatsApp number" on the screen.

  • They will then direct you and provide more information after that.


Are WPC and Wpit18 safe and legal?


We've already covered what Wpit18 is and how it functions above. Since this game completely violates natural laws and norms, many nations have outlawed such events. Because it goes against nature itself to injure wild animals or birds. These kinds of gatherings are permitted in some nations, including the Philippines. But a lot of nations are opposed to this kind of gathering. They didn't want to injure any animals or birds because they love them and don't want to see them hurt. Wpit18 & WPC, however, is an authorised game in the Philippines. As a result of Wpit18, they can simply manage this event.