How To Repair Corrupted TF Cards?


If you are thinking about what is TF card and how you are supposed to fix errors with it, then this is the best place to know about it. 

A TF card is very much similar to a SD card, in terms of dimensions and every other thing and along with this both are compatible with each other. There are times when you might face issues with TF card and you want to repair corrupted TF cards. Without wasting any time let us move ahead to look at the ways which could help you to fix this problem. 

Ways to fix a corrupted TF card – 

  1. Try using your TF card on some other device or PC 

At times it happens that the TF card you are using is perfectly fine and all the issues you are facing are because of the computer or the system you are using. So, you 

  1. Assigning a new Drive letter 

This issue could be solved by assigning a new drive letter to your TF card for use by following these steps if your TF card gets corrupted  – 

  • You need to type in disk management in the search bar and then select on create and format hard disk partitions. 

  • Now, after selecting on TF card option you have to opt for change drive letter and paths. 

  • After clicking on change button you have to select a drive letter and then hit on ok button. 

  • Click on Ok once again and then close the change drive letter and the paths of windows. 

  1. Placing TF device properly 

It is possible that you have not placed your TF card properly because of which you are facing issues with the same, so you need to take out the TF card again and place it in the proper manner again. 


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