How do I turn off digital crown to unlock my watch?

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In this article of ours we are going to tell you about how you could turn digital crown to eject water on your apple watch but you must ensure that you follow all the steps properly avoiding any mistakes. 

Steps for turning off digital crown for the users on their apple watch

After you are done swimming or bathing you must disable the water lock feature for the users for which you should begin with turning the digital crown in one movement until an animated water droplet fills the circle which is there on the screen. 

After this to turn digital crown to unlock you are required to keep turning the digital crown until you see the display on your screen saying that the screen is unlocked and then water trapper has been ejected successfully from the holes of the speaker. 

As soon as you finish executing these steps you will see that the water has been ejected and the procedure will be finished and completed on your apple watch. 

If the digital crown is stuck then you are supposed to first turn off the apple watch you are using and then remove it from the charger, you can clean the digital crown with fresh water and dry it.

After drying it you can now see if digital crown apple watch is working efficiently or not and we also hope that the steps and the details which have been presented for you in this blog have been of use and help for you.

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