Best ad blocker for safari in 2023

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Are you also tired of adverts interrupting the fun of scrolling, reading important content or watching informative videos? Well, not anymore. Get free of the obstinate adverts blocking your screen and taking you to malicious websites. We've prepared a whole list of best ad blocker for safari, check them out:

Best Ad Blockers for Safari in 2023

  1. 1Blocker: It is one of the simplest yet effective ad blockers making it one of the best adblock for safari. It allows you to customise the rules and the best part is that it doesn't track your activity. 1Blocker can be used to remove a wide range of ads along with cookies, fingerprinting scripts and trackers. To get a complete ad-free experience, there's a subscription-based feature as well which allows you to enjoy scrolling with absolutely no interference.

  2. AdGuard: It offers you to custom filter the rules which you can update anytime in the future. It helps to protect you from visiting any malicious website by issuing a warning. It is a browser extension and can be downloaded for free.

  3. AdLock: It blocks everything that you hate about adverts like autoplay videos and pop-ups. In addition to these, Adlock also allows the removal of non-ad-related elements from the page, if you've allowed it to do so by customising the rules. It also protects your privacy and is best for streaming sites.

  4. Total Adblock: By Customising the rules preferences, you can allow it to stop social media tracking, autoplay videos, banners and pop-ups. However, it is only compatible with iPhone and iPad. 

Wipr: It blocks a diverse range of ads, cryptocurrency miners and EU cookie notices. Wipr comes with its inbuilt block list update automatisation.

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